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Earth is the elemental power of all living creatures and people live in the center of the power or around it. Their life (300years staying in Meihuazhou) is a process of fighting, reconciliation and constantly communication with that elemental power. Meihuazhou is located in the biggest town of Nanhu District---Fengqiao Town, which boasts a long history, with lots of talented people coming out of it, rich in honey peaches and the folk art such as black potteries, bamboo carvings and ocarina, which brings out the best of profound culture and great Jiaxing's economy and civilization.

Fengqiao Meihuazhou obtains its name due to the land's abundance in landscapes, with streams and shaped like plums in blossom". The five petals of Meihuazhou are all surrounded by rivers and are transportable from one another via bridges. Here are many old bridges built in ancient times, which forms the main character of this area. The planned area of Meihuazhou is more than 12,000 mu, and the "8 sceneries of Meihuazhou" will be restored, including Jingang Juniperus chinensis, Linden, Yijian Spring, 4-buddha Rock, Meihuazhou, Clear Lotus Pool, Scent Flower Bridge and White Cloud Hill. The civilization symbol of Ma-jia-bang cultural relicts, Stone Buddhist Temple built in Southern Dynasty, ancient ginko trees aged over one thousand years, Sanbuliangpan Bridge and old houses in Ming and Tsing Dynasties, leaving particular Jiangnan human landscapes and the prospect of regional culture tourism development. The large scenic area(Meditation Centre) which is the first of this kind has become a regional new meditation cultural center through thousand years of charms in its experience of healthcare and the meditation.